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Virginia Drug Lawyer

In the Commonwealth of Virginia a drug related conviction can result in significant fines and penalties, including participation in a drug rehabilitation program and serious time in jail or prison. While the criminal punishments are likely to be harsh, a drug conviction can have life altering consequences that extend far beyond the criminal justice system. 

Even a misdemeanor drug offense can destroy your personal reputation and standing within your community. A drug conviction can make it very difficult to find a job or housing and can even prevent you from receiving federal financial aid and student loans. With so much at risk, you cannot afford to confront your Virginia drug charges on your own:  you need the help of an experienced lawyer who will properly protect and defend your legal rights at every step of the legal process.

Casey R. Stevens and Lisa K. Caruso are skilled defense lawyers who represent clients accused of all types of criminal offenses, including felony and misdemeanor drug offenses. With more than 45 years of combined legal experience, Casey and Lisa have the legal skills and knowledge needed to defend clients in even the most serious kinds of drug cases. Whether you have been charged with possession of a controlled substance, drug manufacturing, drug distribution and sale, or any other drug-related offense under Virginia law, Casey and Lisa are well prepared to take on your case. 

Defending Your Legal Rights

At Stevens Caruso we understand the gravity of your situation.  We know that when you hire us you are counting on our firm to vigorously defend your legal rights and secure the best outcome possible in your case. This means that we are not looking to reach an easy settlement or plea with the prosecution, although settlement discussions are generally always a part of any representation – we are focused on winning your case at every stage of the game. 

Casey R. Stevens and Lisa K. Caruso are dedicated defense lawyers who personally handle each case that they take on.  You can take great comfort in knowing that Casey and Lisa will directly prepare and present your defense from start to finish.  They will fully investigate the facts and circumstances of your case and do everything within their power to demonstrate that the prosecution is unable to meet the burden of proof required for a conviction. 

As former Virginia prosecutors, Casey and Lisa are well aware of the mistakes law enforcement officials can make when they are investigating drug related crimes. Casey and Lisa will analyze your case to uncover all available defenses, including whether the police may have obtained evidence through an illegal search and seizure or taken other actions in violation of your constitutional rights. If evidence was obtained illegally, or other constitutional violations occurred, they will vigorously challenge the evidence in your case and fight to have your drug charges dismissed.

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Stevens Caruso is a leading Virginia criminal defense firm committed to protecting the rights and liberties of individuals who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony drug offenses.   Casey R. Stevens and Lisa K. Caruso are skilled defense attorneys who know what it takes to successfully defend a drug-related case before a judge and jury. 

If you or someone you care about has been accused of or charged with a drug-related offense, contact Stevens Caruso today by calling 703-897-1777 or submitting the firm’s online contact form.