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Our Approach to Criminal Defense Representation

We Practice to Win

At Stevens Caruso we know that being charged with a crime is a very traumatic experience.  We understand that your life and liberty are at stake and we will do everything within our power to get the best possible results in your case. Casey R. Stevens and Lisa K. Caruso are experienced Virginia criminal defense lawyers who know what it takes to properly challenge the charges you are facing. When we take on a criminal matter we carefully investigate and analyze the case from all angles so that we can develop the strongest defense strategies for our clients.

We practice to win, which means that we are not seeking to quickly settle or plead out your case without investing the time necessary to fully evaluate your situation. Although settlement discussions are generally always a part of any representation – we are focused on trying to win.  Whether you are facing a misdemeanor charge or have been accused of a serious felony, our firm is prepared to stand up to the prosecution and put forth the effort necessary to pursue a winning outcome in your case.

We Build Strong Relationships with our Clients

When you hire Casey R. Stevens, Lisa K. Caruso, or the firm to defend your case, you can be certain that you will be working directly with Casey or Lisa at all stages of the game. Our clients take great comfort in knowing that their case will never be passed along to an inexperienced or unfamiliar associate. Casey and Lisa work one on one with their clients and personally handle all cases from the very first consultation to the completion of the case. We know that the stakes are high and we believe that the most successful defense strategies require a strong and trusting partnership with each of our clients. 

We Develop Creative and Personalized Defense Strategies

At Stevens Caruso we know that every criminal case is unique. We are experienced criminal defense lawyers who are committed to protecting and defending the rights of individuals in Prince William County, Fairfax County and other areas throughout the Northern Virginia region.  In every criminal case that we take on we work to build a personalized defense strategy aimed at producing the best possible outcome for our clients.

We are sophisticated defense lawyers who know how to sort through complicated facts to uncover critical weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. When a case is particularly challenging or involves a novel legal concept we draw upon our extensive understanding of the law and complex legal processes to develop innovative and creative defenses for our clients.

We Deliver Quality Legal Representation

Casey R. Stevens and Lisa K. Caruso believe in practicing law the right way.  This means that they are focused on delivering quality legal representation at all stages of the legal process. They purposely limit the number of cases that they take on so that they can devote the time and attention needed to achieve positive outcomes for their clients. Both Casey and Lisa are well recognized throughout the legal community for their professionalism, dedication to their clients and meticulous preparation. Whether they are trying a case before a judge or jury, or arguing an appeal, they are committed to putting forth the effort and resources necessary to secure the best possible results for their clients. 

Stevens Caruso Can Help

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